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You Might Not Notice Genital Wart Symptoms.

Genital Warts are most commonly transmitted by the sexual route. The infection is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus infects the genital tissues and is not very easy to eliminate. You should be careful as the infection might not produce any symptoms. This is one reason why the highly contagious warts spread so easily.
Knowing that you have warts and getting them treated is more important if you are a woman. These warts have shown a very strong association which cancer. They have been shown to be the cause of cellular changes that lead to cancer of the cervix in women. If you are a woman, you must go for regular check - ups even after genital warts treatment. An annual Pap smear will help detect cancer changes early.
You might get warts if you have unprotected sex with many partners. Having sex with someone whose past history about sexually transmitted diseases is doubtful also carries a high risk of contracting the infection. You might also be susceptible to the infection if the person you have sex with has a past history of STD. If your partner has been diagnosed with genital warts you must get yourself checked for it too.
Genital wart symptoms typically include one or many warts in an around the genital area. If you are a man, genital wart symptoms would mean the presence of warts of cauliflower like projections on the tip and the body of the penis. They might be present on the scrotum and the perineum. In some cases they may also be seen around the anus. For women, genital warts are seen on the perineum and inside the vagina. The vaginal warts are not easily seen and this may lead to a delay in seeking treatment.
The genital wart symptoms also include itching and irritation in around the area of the warts. You might see that the skin of your genital area is red and peeling. You should take care not to use any over the counter preparation without the direction of a qualified health care provider. These may worsen the condition and may cause skin infection as well.
Bleeding is another genital wart symptom. You might notice bleeding while having sex. You would see it as streaks of fresh blood. This is because the warts break away during the sexual act, leaving the skin base raw and exposed.
In pregnancy, you might see a flare up. You might be having a latent infection that flares up only during pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal changes in the body and the decreased body resistance. In such cases, you may see large warts appearing. If you have had oral sex with an infected person, the warts may also been seen in the mouth and the throat. These warts are soft and fleshy. You might notice a difficulty in swallowing due to warts in the throat.
The genital wart symptoms have been outlined above. If you have any of the symptoms or have a positive history of unprotected sex with an infected person, you must consult a doctor immediately.
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