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Female Genital Warts May Not Be Detected Easily.

For women, the repercussions of having female genital warts goes much beyond the infection itself. The HPV virus which causes the infection is one of the most contagious viruses known to man. The virus has also been implicated in the development of cervical cancer among women. If you value your health you must ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment for this condition.
Female genital warts are commonly flesh colored. These warts may be present singly or in cauliflower like clusters. The warts are usually found on the external genitalia in females. The area is commonly called the vulva. They may also be present in the vagina, the area in between the vulva and anus and around the anus also. They may also be present in the mouth and throat if one has oral contact with an infected person.
The disease manifests within three months of sexual contact with an infected person. In some cases the incubation period, before the disease is apparent, is very long. In women the disease may remain latent, and flare up only during pregnancy. Risk factors which increase the chances of contracting female genital warts are having multiple sex partners and having sex at a younger age. You must use protection if you want to have sexual relations with a stranger, or a person whose past you are unsure of.
The condition manifests with the major symptom of warts in and around the genital area. There may be itching and irritation in the infected area. You might also notice bleeding during sex. This is due to the erosion of the wart tissue. In some cases female genital warts may have no symptoms at all. If the warts are within the vagina you might not notice them. The condition might worsen when you are pregnant.
Female genital warts cannot be fully cured. the treatment is aimed at removing the wart tissue. the HPV infects the upper layers of the moist genital tissue. This is not easy to eliminate. You must consider treatment, to help you ward off the threat of cervical cancer. if you are pregnant, it is very important to start treatment under the direction of a qualified health care provider. This will ensure that your baby will not contract the infection while passing through the birth canal.
The treatment can be medical or surgical . Female genital warts can be treated with a number of creams that are to be applied locally in the infected areas. it is important to consult a medical practitioner before you do this, as some of the medication might result in irritation, and needs special precautions when used. In case the warts do not respond to medication, or are very large surgery might be needed. This could be removal with liquid nitrogen, laser surgery or surgical excision.
For women another important facet of treatment is to go for regular check ups. The virus is associated with cancer of the mouth of the uterus, so you must go in for regular Pap smears even after treatment. this will ensure that you can detect any cellular changes in the cervix early and get yourself treated.
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