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If you are considering a way that you can have a child after having your tubes tied, then you probably want to know the tubal reversal success rates. Is tubal reversal surgery going to be the best option for you? That will depend upon a few factors.
To begin with, your tubal ligation method plays a big part in your success. It has a bit to do with the damage that is done to your fallopian tubes by the method and how easily it can be repaired. Using the statistics from a study done by the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, you can see that your best chances come if had clips or rings used. For them, the success rate is 76%. Other methods include ligation or resection, coagulation or burning, and fimbriectomy or removal of the fimbrial ends. Your chances of a successful surgery decreases in that order as well. The fimbriectomy has a 56% pregnancy rate.
Our next factor to consider is the tubal length. Just how long are the tubes once surgery to repair them is complete and what chances does the length give you? If you luck out and have tube length over 7.5 cm, you will have an 80% success rate. But if they are less than 2.5 cm, your success rate drops to 38%.
The last factor we consider here is your age at the time of the tubal ligation reversal. As you can imagine, age does play a big part in whether or not you can get pregnant. Just having surgery to reverse tying your tubes is not going to get rid of the biological clock. In the study that was done among 4025 women, those still in their 20s when they got the reversal had an 82% chance of getting pregnant while those over 40 had a 41% chance. And although women over 40 do face several risk factors in being pregnant, you might want to know it looks like the number of women over 40 getting pregnant is increasing.
So you can see that even given all these different components of the three factors, tubal reversal is a very viable option. Just check out the charts from the study and see what your tubal reversal success chances are.
To be able to view the tubal reversal success rates from the pregnancy study for yourself and for your situation, just check out the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website. In addition, there are many other resources for you to better inform yourself and even a message board. Be sure to send for the free tubal reversal DVD.
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