Wednesday, August 13, 2008

5 Signs of a Woman Committing Infidelity by Daniel Theron

How do you recognize whether or not your wife is having an affair with another man? You do not want to accuse her of infidelity when it is not the case. Someday you may need to read some of the signs of a woman having an affair.
Sign #1. Problems in the bedroom -- Your wife used to be interested enough in being intimate with you. If there is a sudden and unexplained change such as showing too much interest or too little, there may be something more going on.

Sign #2: Old Habits die hard -- People fall into routines and habits. If your wife recently started working late or joined some unknown club and has to go to meetings with people you have never met, there may be more to tell. Be involved with or find out more about her new activities and friends. That should keep you in the loop.

Sign #3. Just called to say I love you -- Your wife gets a call on the phone or her cell phone and she quickly leaves the room or closes a door. Why is she so secretive about certain calls? Take note of this.

Sign #4. Engaging emails -- Does your wife receive emails from a secret admirer that she does not share with you? That's right, this is the digital information age and an affair does not have to include physical infidelity to be considered cheating. The content of the emails will probably be intimate in nature.

Sign #5. Mirror, mirror on the wall -- Your wife is usually not obsessed with how she looks, but recently she has been paying special attention to her appearance. You did not suggest to her that she lose weight, buy some sexy lingerie or change her hairstyle. Why did she decide to drastically alter her appearance? Did she do it for herself, for you or for another man?

Do not jump to conclusions or act impulsively and accuse her of cheating on you if you do not have rock solid evidence of infidelity. You need find out what is behind your wife's changing behavior. Just be aware of these 5 signs of a woman committing infidelity.

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