Monday, August 11, 2008


If you'd like to get married on your next Finland trip or are planning to elope in Finland on short notice, keep the following Finnish marriage requirements and regulations in mind:
Requirements for each partner to get married in Finland:
Your visa (if applicable)
Divorce decree from previous marriage (if applicable)
"Certificate of No Impediment" or Apostille Certificate or a statement documenting there are no reasons against the marriage, certified by a Finnish embassy
Two witnesses for the ceremony It's relatively easy to get married in Finland. Many eloping couples choose the capital of Finland, Helsinki, for getting married.
Upon your arrival in Finland, visit the local registry office (maistraatti in Finnish) at your destination. When you make the appointment for your wedding registration, you also need to inform the registry office which family names you and your spouse intend to carry.
There will be a short investigation to make sure there are no reasons to keep you both from getting married. You will need to formally request this investigation in writing (forms are available at the local registry office) and wait about a week for the results. The certificate will remain valid for four months.
Same-sex marriage in Finland is permitted through Registered Partnerships (same process as above) as of 2002, which grants immigration advantages to a foreign partner, and joint custody over children. Adoption and sharing a family name, however, are not yet part of the Registered Partnership law in Finland.

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