Saturday, August 9, 2008


by Dionis Fernandez
What is personally harmful about premarital sex are not only the consequences that we could see, but the consequences that we cannot see.
Many think that premarital sex is bad only because of pregnancy, venereal diseases, abortion, etc. But there is a consequence far more important and crucial that many ignore:
Sex with people that are not going to be your husband or wife, is an offensive attack against the one who will be.
Your spouse will indeed wonder about all your past romantic and sexual experiences since he/she is part of you for the rest of each others life. And it is common sense that nobody would like to picture their spouse experiencing these unique moments of intimacy with another person.
In other words: it's not about doing it safe or not, it is about preventing experiences that can negatively impact and interfere with your permanent and life long relationship.
A common question is the following:
"But I have been with my partner for years! What if I am 100% sure that I am going to marry him/her?" Many tend to say: "I have been with my girlfriend/boyfriend for years. I don't see why I can't have sex with him/her if we have been together for so much time?"
With in courtship, there is no vow, no pledge, no promise, no pact, nor oath that will guarantee that the relationship will persist or stay together in anyway.A boyfriend/girlfriend relationship can end at any time even if the relationship has lasted a life time and even if both are sure that they "love" each other.
Within marriage, there is legal proof that both are a formal relationship to the eyes of society and God. If a relationship ends within courtship, and if there were sex, you can be sure that this experience will be similar to a divorce since the relationship went to its highest level, but not to its highest commitment.
You can also be sure that this experience will leave a tremendous amount of unnecessary "emotional baggage" since both became one flesh with in sex, and now there is no other choice but to rip that one flesh apart which will result in emotional agony and extreme heartache.
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