Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do These Signs of a Cheating Spouse Really Mean He's Messing Around?

Do you feel in the pity of your gut that your husband or boyfriend is painting the town with another woman? Is he leaving signs or doing things that would indicate he is cheating? If you have seen any of the following signs of a cheating spouse then there is real reason to think your spouse is cheating.

He's staying late after work, all the time - OK ladies let's face it. If the man is the bread winner in your home then if he stays late at work occasionally that is a good thing. It can only mean more income for you and your family. BUT if you find yourself sitting down to dinner every night with just the kids and your spouse is nowhere to be seen that is a sign of a cheating spouse and you need to look into where he is and exactly what he is doing.

Lipstick on his collar and motel receipts in his pocket - Unless your spouse is in to dressing in woman's clothing and wearing lipstick hidden away in a motel room all by himself then more than likely this is yet another one of those signs of a cheating spouse.

He smells like women's perfume - Once again ladies this one is a pretty good sign of a cheating spouse. Unless he has taken to wearing a sweet smelling perfume at work he was probably snuggled up to some sexy bimbo while you were at home slaving over dinner, tending to the kids and doing his dirty laundry.

Ladies do you really need to be slapped in the face with these signs of a cheating spouse or is it that you just don't want to see them? Get really and stop all the lies, especially the ones where you lie to yourself about what he might have been doing. If the signs of a cheating spouse are there then guess what? He is probably cheating!

Are the signs there but your still not sure? Don't want to jump to fast to conclusions? Do you want a final conclusive prove? Find out the truth conclusively today.

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