Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to Be a Good Working Mother

I believe that almost all women despise getting back to work after they have children, but most of us just don't have other options. We just had to do it.

That was how I felt when I first left my then 1 year old son and headed back to work. Not to mention how some mothers feel superior because they don't have to leave their children at home and go to make some measly bucks to keep the stove burning, they can be mean sometimes to me.

I'm not saying that I know better than other working mothers just because I have several years experience. I just thought of sharing how I so far manage to juggle between PTA gathering and office meetings.

Try to find a job that is closer to your home. So at least you can be home before their bed time and spend some quality time with your children.
If you have to spend sometimes for overtime, try to make it up to them. Spend the whole weekends with your family. Turn off your blackberry and try as best as you can to stay away from the urgency to "just read and reply a bit" your boss's emails.
If possible, bring some small tokens for your family after work. It's not a bribery, just to show that you do remember them. Perhaps one or two of the family's favorite pizza, one bucket of ice cream, or just your husband or children's favorite tabloid.
Keep contact. Spend five minutes at least everyday to call them. Ask how they're doing, how's their day, and really listen to their answer.
If possible, let your children spend their days at grandparent's house (in some countries, babysitter can be extremely expensive).

Hopefully these simple tips can be of any use :)

Remember, be proud that you are a working mother. Because you're doing the best you can.

Nita S. Novimasofa
Working Mother

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