Wednesday, August 13, 2008

5 Ways to Rekindle the Fire to Help Save Your Marriage by A.C. West

Before marriage, your relationship was sizzling hot and the romance was on fire. But, now with your job, possibly children and just the regular tasks and duties of daily life, that fire has dwindle down to just warm coals. This lack romantic time together can have detrimental effects on your relationship. To help rekindle that fire, here a few tips to help save your marriage.
Leave "love notes" for your spouse in their car, briefcase, refrigerator or anywhere around the house where you know he or she is sure to not miss it. Try leaving a sweet and romantic message on his or her voice mail.

Listen to the things you spouse says he or she likes and then surprise him or her with a special gift. It could be a special book or bubble bath your wife says she would like to get sometime. Or, it could be a CD or DVD your husband has mentioned wanting to buy.

If your loved one has a chore he or she really dislikes doing, occasionally do the task for him or her. If your husband normally takes out the garbage, get the bags out for him. If your wife does the laundry, throw a load in the washer and dry for her.

Most people love to be pampered in some way and who does not like receiving a massage? Pamper your spouse by giving a foot, back or full body massage. You could alternate nights so both of you could fully the enjoy the relaxing benefits on your night.

Go out on a date... with your spouse of course! It does not need to be an extravagant outing, unless you both want it to be. You could have a simple picnic or go on a walk. Go some of the places you went to on dates before you got married.

Try some of these ways to rekindle the fire and get creative and come up with your own. However, if your marriage needs more help than these tips can give, please realize that there are other ways you can save your marriage.

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