Sunday, August 24, 2008

Make Your Mom Or Wife Feel Like the Sexiest and Prettiest Mom on Earth!

In a man's life, there are two women who mean absolutely the world to him: his mother and his wife. And on those special days of the year, a guy should do his best to make either his mother or the mother of his children feel like the most beautiful and sexiest mom in the entire world. That's what I did for my mom even though she was hundreds of miles away.

You see, my mom married very early because at 18 years old she was already pregnant with. My dad, the guy who got her pregnant left her after about just three years of marriage to live with another woman who he met at a bar. But instead of succumbing to grief, my mom took a lot of odd jobs just to get us through hard times. Sometimes, what she made wasn't enough to pay for the rent, our food and my education at the same time. Because she told me that education was one of the best things in the world to have there were days that we only ate twice a day, but the two of us always ate together. In spite of all our hardships, we were happy. And I'm forever thankful for my mom's perseverance and love.

Because my mom was so pretty, she usually attracted a lot of attention wherever she went even if she didn't wear any makeup. While working as a clerk, she might my stepdad, and their combined efforts helped me to get through college. And now that I had my Master's Degree in the Liberal Arts, I decided that I would give back in grand fashion.

So on mother's day, I made a video by gathering messages from all my friends and family members and setting it to "Unbreak My Heart" which is her all-time favorite song. And I flew home without any warning just to surprise her on mother's day with my creation and some of her favorite chicken curry (that I cooked myself for a change!) and I told her I wanted to make her feel like the most beautiful and special mom in the entire world. She was so happy, she was in tears!

There are a lot of things you can do for your mom or your wife on mother's day or on their birthdays. If you'd like to find more ideas, visit:

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