Sunday, August 24, 2008

When and How to Stop Breastfeeding

When breastfeeding your child it can be sometimes quite an issue to stop breastfeeding, especially if your child is accustom to being breastfed, it is important that you try not to upset the balance by simply stop breastfeeding. You have to take small steps towards shifting from breast milk to normal milk. Breast milk is good for a child at early stages but eventually it gets to a point in which is does not matter whether or not the child takes breast milk or regular milk. But it is very important that when you are changing from breast milk to regular milk that you transition it slowly so that there are no upsets along the way.

A good way to start when stopping breastfeeding is to breastfeed less. Still breastfeed your child of course, but cut down their daily intake. Just make sure that when you are doing it you are making sure that your child is happy and not feeling uncomfortable as a result. If you continue to do this, eventually your child will get used to it and feel at ease with the current regime of feeding.

You can then move onto the next step, this is a great step for moving away from breastfeeding. Try and lessen the amount you breastfeed your child, but also try to put some breast milk into a bottle and use it to feed your child. This is a very effective method as it shows your child that it can get the same milk without breastfeeding. It may take some time for your child to adjust to this but after time I can guarantee that it will come into effect and your child will begin to readjust itself.

This then leads onto the next step, this is a big step since it is the transition from breast milk to regular milk, of course it is completely up to you as to whether you give your child breast milk or regular milk, but this is an optional step if you want your child to have regular milk instead of breast milk. When feeding your child the bottled breast milk you should try and slowly adjust and switch between regular milk and breast milk, mixing it together has been known to work sometimes, and by lowering the amount of breast milk you can in effect just give your child regular milk without it noticing a big difference. There are many tactics and strategies you can use to approaching this situation, but always remember to take it nice and slowly to ensure that there are no hiccups along the way.

Then, hopefully after this process you will have successfully moved away from breastfeeding. Of course, you can still feed your child breast milk if you prepare it in a bottle in advance, but it will eventually get to a point where you will find it easier to use regular milk. It is common that too much breast feeding can lead to discomforts in the breast especially if you breastfeed your child on a daily basis. So hopefully, no matter what your current situation is, this guide should hopefully have helped you.

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